These are the MUST do's.

Income Tax

Income Tax rules can be incredibly complex – for every transaction there is a taxation consequence. No one likes paying tax - it is however a fact of life. At BRG we live and breathe tax (sad we know!!) but that means we are well placed to give you good advice about how you can meet your taxation obligations with the least amount of pain for you.


GST legislation is an area we know like the back of our hand. We are able to offer accurate, timely assistance in a number of areas. We can help you with the preparation of GST returns right through to assisting you, should you be the subject of an IRD audit. We also offer advice on the GST consequences of property transactions.


The rules relating to FBT payments change on a regular basis. At BRG we keep up to date with the world of tax and are able to give accurate advice on the preparation of FBT returns.

Employer Obligations

The area of employment is incredibly complex. While we are not specialists in this area we do have a lot of experience – both as employers ourselves and through the experiences of our clients. We are able to offer a range of services relating to employment from our Employer Documentation Kit through to assisting you with the preparation of Employment Agreements.

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