Making Payments to IRD – What’s Changed

IRD are changing some of your options to make payments to them as of 1 October 2014.

Paying at Westpac

If you’re used to paying your tax through Westpac, you won’t be able to pay by cheque any more or drop off returns and forms. You will still be able to pay through Westpac by:

  • cash and eftpos payments
  • online banking
  • credit/debit cards

Posting cheques and returns - get the timing right

You can post cheque payments and returns direct to IRD. From 1 October all cheques must reach IRD on or before the due date to avoid interest and late payment penalties.  Until now, it’s been enough that the postmark shows you posted the cheque on or before the due date but not anymore. 

Online payments

IRD is encouraging taxpayers to make their payments online.  You can file returns and make payments online, up to and including the due date.  If you haven’t done this before but want to start, we can walk you through it.