BRG Newsletters

A selection of our quarterly Newsletters.

Spring 2017

  • Worksafe: Health & Safety
  • Avoid the bad payers
  • BRG News
  • Service 'for and 'of': know the difference
  • 2017 Xero Conference
  • Finding the best app

Winter 2017

  • Changes to House Deductions
  • BRG News
  • Never make judgements about potential customers
  • Danger in cashing up when company sells
  • Nothing beats asking the customer
  • Try a password manager

Autumn 2017

  • Write off bad dets
  • Deducting tax from payments to a contractor
  • Beware the Debt Collector
  • Dairy Industry Awards
  • Update in Farm House deductible expenses

Summer 2016/17

  • Team update
  • Go for the shortcuts
  • What can I claim?
  • Christmas gifts to clients
  • Kiwifruit contractor payments
  • Trustees need to Minute their decisions
  • How to reduce bad debts


Client Questionnaires

If you are in need of a copy of one of our client questionnaires here they are. Clicking on the link will open a new web page with the questionnaire for you to complete online.

Business Type

Dairy Farmer

Dry Stock Farmer


Rental Property

General Business - use this questionnaire for all other types of business not listed above.


If you don't want to complete an online questionnaire you can use one of our checklists below and bring it into the office with your papers.



General Business


Mixed Use Assets - download and complete this questionnaire if you have a mixed use asset, such as a rental property.