No Brown Cardies Here!

No Brown Cardies Here!

Previously we have discussed the fact that your people are one of the most valuable assets in your business - BRG is no different! BRG is a team of people that are passionate about helping Kiwi businesses be more productive.

BRG is more than just the four Chartered Accountants (Trudi, Ash, Martin and Wade) - let's take a look:

The Go To Team! There are five "accounting technicians" - Bruce, Vicki, Karyn, Irena and Charlotte. These guys take care of the nuts and bolts - they will often deal directly with the clients on a day to day basis - working on GST returns, annual accounts and other compliance based work. Often they will develop a "speciality" area - for example Bruce knows lots about foreign investment tax, and Irena knows lots about ACC. Three of this team have been with BRG for 12 years - this provides continuity for clients and brings great stability to the team.

The Office Glue! The admin and support team - Leonie, Ange, Jane and Dani. These four hold the office together and keep everyone else on track. If not for them the whole place would fall apart! Between these four girls there is a vast amount of experience and knowledge about BRG and its clients.

It would be fair to say the stereotypical image of an accountant is a boring, brown cardigan wearing person that loves sitting behind a desk crunching numbers!

The team at BRG sure do not fit that image!